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Design a frame, attach armor panels, set their thickness, not too thick, that'll be too heavy. Weld on as many thrusters as you feel like, or as many as your structural integrity can bear. Then get into the arena and blast the AI away with your amazing design, or get smashed by one of your own designs. Or one of ours. Hell, forget all that and just watch two vessels blast each other apart for your entertainment. There's even slow motion.

We got a whole bunch of videos detailing how to play too, its pretty neat.


REM is currently in a pre-alpha state, and we're not asking for money for it right now because its not quite a "game" yet. Critical systems have yet to be implemented, such as multiplayer, modular weapon mounts, modules that require/supply power and other resources and so on. There's also not really a goal or failstate other than what you set for yourself right now. Conceptual development of REM has been progressing for years, but the current version has only been worked on for seven months in our spare time for free. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Visit our website for more stuff relating to REM, including a podcast dedicated to nothing but REM's development.


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Published85 days ago
AuthorMountainous Development
Tags6dof, arena, building, Physics
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Open the zip file, extract it to wherever it pleases you, double click on the .exe file. Linux versions of REM are horrifically broken beyond repair, and we're focusing our effort on Windows. Contact mountainousdevelopment@gmail.com if you have any issues or concerns.


REM 0.36.7z (92 MB)

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